Teachers, teachers and more teachers!

Teachers are a breed of their own. I can spot them anywhere.

What is it about us? What we wear? How we present ourselves? How is it that we are so easily identifiable? My stepdaughter teases me when we are shopping: “That’s a teacher outfit!” I remind her again and again, that yes, I am a teacher.

On Thursday and Friday, thousands of teachers invaded downtown Edmonton. I wonder what the everyday downtowners think of these days when parking becomes scarce and they are overrun by teachers (teachers who are so excited to be in a restaurant for lunch in the middle of a work week no less)!

In a room full of teachers, the humour touches our shared experience. References to 5 minute lunches, adventures on supervision, words said in front of sixth graders that you immediately regret (“hold on to your balls” for instance). Yes, I’m guilty of that one in a grade six phys. ed. class: a mistake you only make once.

Being a teacher is not the easiest way to earn a living. It is physically and emotionally demanding. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Yes, I am a teacher and proud of it, too.

2 thoughts on Teachers, teachers and more teachers!

  1. The characteristic that most identifies a teacher is his or her sense of caring for “kids.” And what you said is true: most teachers are doing exactly what they want to do!

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