Searching for Solace

My role as an educator in an interesting one. No two days the same. I’ve noticed lately that many tears are shed in my office: by students, by parents and sometimes even by staff. The world we live in is certainly a challenging one. Many people are seeking comfort or solace in their lives. Many are out of sorts. Many have lost their way.

I wonder about the pressures in society these days. Are they reasonable? Where do they stem from? How can we find balance and shalom in our lives?

Some find solace in music, others in physical activity, still others in prayer. Whatever our outlet, it is essential that we strive to live our lives with balance and teach our students to do the same. Ultimately, I feel honoured that individuals feel safe enough to shed their tears in my office. Sharing emotion can be the first step to feeling better. As Renee Peterson Trudeau has said, “Often we have to break down to break through.” This too shall pass.

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