Recently I had reason to contemplate my accumulation of ‘stuff.’ Sometimes I blame our materialistic society for this vice, or the fact that I am a teacher and everyone knows that teachers are collectors. Regardless of where the blame lies, I admit to too much stuff!

Almost a decade ago a move from a house to a condo resulted in my downsizing. And then somehow right under my nose all that stuff multiplied once again. A few months ago a flood precipitated another downsizing. What I’ve realized is that most of my stuff is just that. Sure, some of it is valuable if considered monetarily, some of it is sentimental, but most of it is truly dispensable.

What I own does not define me. Not to say I don’t love a beautiful piece of art or that I can imagine my shelves without those rows and rows of books. Realistically though, life can change in one doctor visit. And the stuff we thought important is reduced to items on a shelf or clothes in a closet. Thanks to the people who surround me, life has so much more to offer!

2 thoughts on Stuff

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