Peace: its own reward

“Peace.” This idea, this word, came up countless times this week. The dictionary defines peace as quiet and tranquility; freedom from disturbance.

Ultimately, I want peace in my life. To be at peace with myself and those around me. To live peacefully. To have moments of peace within each day. To live without regret. To accept past mistakes and move forward. To achieve harmony of thoughts and action. Peace of mind. A peaceful heart.

This morning I finished reading Wave: a memoir written by a woman who lost her entire family (husband, children and parents) during the tsunami of 2004. The writing of the book strikes me as an attempt to find peace after a life-altering tragedy.

After all, peace is not necessarily something that comes naturally in our lives. We have to work at it: in our relationships and within ourselves, despite our circumstance.

How will I find peace? I will do what I love and do it often… I will surround myself with those I love… I will be true to myself. The results are worth the effort; as Gandhi once said, “Peace is its own reward.”

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