This week was nothing short of surreal. After a week of sitting in a hospital watching the goings-on, I have realized that I wouldn’t (actually couldn’t) work in a hospital in any capacity. I just couldn’t hack it. And yet, for others, this is their passion, their calling even.

I met a wonderful young man who I admire greatly. He is an ambulatory specialist and works with patients in acute care. No matter the gender or age, he is able to connect and relate to those he works with. His personable, non-judgemental nature allows the sick to engage in conversation and momentarily forget where they are and why they are there. He treats all he works with as people not patients.

Coincidentally, I was encouraged to read more about Pope Francis today. In a book entitled Lead With Humility, Jeffrey A. Krames (a non-Catholic incidentally) speaks to Pope Francis’ personal mission and style: “We see how he embraces all of God’s creatures, including – and especially – the meekest and weakest among us, and creates an environment in which all can thrive.”

I don’t know if any of those I encountered last week were Catholic or know of Pope Francis’ mission. I do know that many of them lead with humility, maintaining dignity in situations where dignity is easily lost.

In Pope Francis’ own words, “If we can develop a truly humble attitude, we can change the world.”

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