School Dreams… New Beginnings

It’s that time of year again… have your school dreams started?

Why do we have school dreams anyway? I believe it’s because we care: our subconscious selves working through those nerves and preparing to give our best. Thinking through all sorts of things: what the safety protocols will look like… what to say on the first day of school… how to set the tone for the year… what the students will be like… how to prepare our classroom spaces for optimal learning…

There are children and parents who feel nervous and anxious as the new school year approaches, too. Children who hope to feel safe and welcome in their class environment. Parents uncertain of whether in-person learning is the best option these days. Children with low self-confidence, intimidated by the whole idea of school. Parents who hope their children will have teachers who see their potential rather than the problems.

Along with the nerves of the new school year, come new school clothes, new school supplies, and new beginnings, too.

Trust the magic of new beginnings… thrive in these exciting times!

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