Now is the Time!

During the first days of school, much of our time is spent establishing routines and setting expectations. As part of these new beginnings, it can be helpful to develop a weekly language arts schedule. Rather than plan each day at a time, a weekly schedule can ensure that we target all strands of language learning and alleviate some of the daily pressures of planning.

As for writing, the first two weeks of school are a perfect time to introduce three forms of low-stakes writing: journals, reader response, and freewriting. These forms of writing can then be embedded into your weekly schedule. Each serves a different purpose and accomplishes a variety of outcomes. Most importantly, if introduced effectively, they can help break down barriers to writing. Then, when we want to teach specific skills, students are more receptive.

Now is the time! You have a marvellous opportunity to affect the mindset of your students. Happy…

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