A Reading Role Model

Do you read what your students are reading? This just may be the most powerful way to become a reading role model.

Take books home from your classroom library. Read them during independent reading on the days you’re not sliding in beside a student. Check books out from the public library before purchasing them (or asking for them) for your classroom library.

Staying current on the books and authors for students at your grade level is a powerful statement: to students, to parents, to your admin team, even. You’re able to talk to students about the books they’re reading and make book recommendations, too!

If you have reluctant readers in your class, read books with even more purpose: capitalize on what you know about these students and find something they might enjoy. Then, once you’ve found a few options, you can make intentional, personal book recommendations.

“Readers are made, not born. Few students spring out of the ground fully formed as readers. They need help, and we cannot assume that they will get it from home, but they should always get it from us, their teachers.” Donalyn Miller

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