Dear Future Self,

Depending on where you teach, you may be celebrating the beginning of your summer break. If so, enjoy your well-deserved rest!

For many others, there is still the final push of a week, maybe even two. You can do it!

Invite students to write a letter to themselves to be opened a year from now. This is an opportunity for both reflection and goal-setting. Provide paragraph (or sentence) prompts that students can choose from. Consider the age of your students and set a suggested number: ideally a minimum of three.

  • “I am grateful for…”
  • “My favourite memory from this year is…”
  • “My biggest challenge this year was…”
  • “I am proud of…”
  • “Next year, I want to…”
  • “I predict…”
  • “As I write this, I feel…”

Ask students to seal their letter in an envelope and write “Dear ____________. To be opened June 2025.” Pass the letters along to next year’s teacher or school.

P.S. Challenge yourself to write a letter to your future self too!

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