A Note of Thanks

Today is a day to pay tribute to moms! This year I venture to say that most moms have been working harder than ever.

Thank you to those on the front lines taking care of many more than their own. To those working from home and simultaneously assisting their children with schooling. To those in essential services, risking their lives and sacrificing time with their own families. To those who have lost their jobs and yet continue to find ways to meet the needs of their children. To those who provide much needed comfort, unconditional love, and unending patience. To those whose strength sometimes flickers on the inside but shines bright for others.

To moms.

And teachers, to you on this Mother’s Day, for the mothering that occurs in your classrooms (…or online…) each and every day. Thank you.

2 thoughts on A Note of Thanks

  1. You captured the essence of how complicated it is to be a mother! And the thanks is much deserved. Highlighted thanks for a day; carried around in many hearts for a lifetime.

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