We Are Learning

When we think about the learning that goes on in a classroom, it is typically the learning of students that comes to mind. And in our current situation, they are learning: maybe not quite what we expected, or in the same way as usual, but they are learning.

What has become especially evident during these times: we are learning, too. Perhaps even more than our students!

We are learning to use technology in innovative ways. We are learning how important it is to have connections with our students. We are learning to be resilient and flexible. We are learning that teaching is about much more than academics. We are learning to appreciate what we have previously taken for granted including simple, daily interactions with our students and colleagues. We are learning that returning to the classroom with our students will feel a great luxury.

The learning curve has been steep, unexpected, and tiring. But for the collective good, it is worth our efforts. I am looking forward to carrying my learning back into the regular classroom… whenever that might be!

What are you learning these days?

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