A look back…

When I look back at this year, I remember feelings of apprehension and excitement beginning at a new school. I remember the heartbreak of moving into the office of a colleague taken from this world much too soon. I remember meeting a new little student and knowing in my heart that something was dreadfully wrong. I remember trying to learn at least five new names a day. I remember relishing in the enthusiasm of our staff.

And though I did some things right this year, I also have a list of things I will certainly do differently next year. That whole hindsight thing, you know? Reflection is a powerful tool for adults and students alike. Consider asking yourself and your students these questions…

What are you proud of? What will you do differently next year? What new challenge would you like to tackle? What was the best part of the year?

I appreciate that we begin each year anew. I appreciate the chance to start over and try again. I appreciate the opportunity to rest, rejuvenate, and imagine new possibilities. Not all professions have the luxury of a fresh start each year.

One more reason I love my job.

3 thoughts on A look back…

  1. I soooo agree! That’s the beauty of being a life long learner! I love this time of year to plan for next year as my insight is “fresh”. By August I forget!

  2. It is what good teachers do: reflect, adjust and relearn! I’m sure the students would be surprised to know that adults have this journey as surely as do they. Have a restful summer!

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