Saturday morning I awoke to a strange sound. When I investigated, I discovered a rabbit playing with the chain attaching the barbecue to the patio. I took a few minutes to watch this rabbit; I watched it dig and scratch, twitch and jump; I watched this rabbit play.

Have you ever watched kids play? Pure, concentrated fun. Sometimes they become so engaged in their play, they forget about their need for food or bathrooms. Their primal need for play takes precedent. On Friday our floor hockey teams played against the staff. Exuberant, competitive spirits – kids AND adults – revealed themselves as the spectating students roared their approval.

As summer approaches, we too, must find some time for our favoured source of play. Whether it be putzing around a campsite, playing music in a garage band, exploring the sites of an ancient city or throwing the baseball around with your kids: find time to play.

Perhaps Plato said it best, “Life must be lived as play.”

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