Precious Moments, Small Pleasures

Each day holds precious moments. Sometimes these pleasures are so small they are easy to miss.

On Monday as I was leaving school, I heard – before I saw – the icecream truck rounding the corner. Three neighbourhood kids also heard it coming: they were quite literally jumping up and down on the curb side awaiting its arrival. On Tuesday, a grade three student held a freshly printed page to his cheek and said with unexpected tenderness, “Ah… so warm.” On Wednesday, a particularly spirited student sitting in my office noticed a book on my shelf, Tools for Teaching, and said, “Can I read that? So that’s where you got all your tools. I want to read that.” On Thursday, I savoured the professional dialogue, the enthusiasm and the energy of colleagues. On Friday, in the midst of June paperwork, a grade four student who has had a challenging year, came to recite a poem to me. I told him it was the best part of my day. It was.

These moments, though small, are truly what make our job, our career, our vocation, so wonderful. These moments help us to see beyond the paperwork and deadlines. These moments help us remember why we chose this noble profession. These moments make our days both meaningful and joyful.

Stop. Take note. Don’t let a precious moment go unnoticed amid the hecticness of this June day.

2 thoughts on Precious Moments, Small Pleasures

  1. Moving piece Karen: absoultely confirms that you are in exactly the right place, appreciating the miracles of little people.

  2. How very true! I remember when Adam would walk with me to get the mail. It would take over half an hour. Stopping to look at everything….expierience everything. Now the walk is 5 mins. Must remember to savor the moments!

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