Zoom in and Step Back

As we enter the last few weeks of the school year, it’s natural to become reflective. Consider your year from two perspectives: a zoom lens and a wide-angle lens.

First, zoom in to a random day. Think of those ongoing, seemingly small interactions with individual students. Consider some of your lessons and the routines you put in place.

  • How did you show you care in those regular day-to-day interactions? Think of your words, your actions, your mannerisms…
  • Consider a moment when you recognized that a student’s emotional or social well-being was more important than academics. What did you do?
  • Did you give up part of your lunch: your literal lunch to a hungry student, or your time at lunch to help a student?
  • What lesson are you most proud of? Why does it stand out?

Now, put on your wide-angle lens. Think of the year as a whole. It wasn’t all smooth sailing; there were certainly bumps along the way. But consider the many positives…

  • What are you most proud of this year?
  • Knowing that you had an impact on all of your students, who might you especially have had an impact on this year? Why do you think that is?
  • What is it that your students are leaving your classroom with: more compassion, more patience, a love of books, excitement about learning? (Remember, this is no accident. This is YOU.)

Zoom in and step back. How might these reflections inform how you approach next year?

2 thoughts on Zoom in and Step Back

  1. Thanks Karen <3 It's easy to get caught up in other outcome measures at this time of year. These are perfect questions to reflect on what matters most!

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