Are you ready for new curriculum?

If you are a Kindergarten to Grade 3 teacher living in Alberta, you will be implementing new curriculum in a few subject areas this coming fall. Grade 4-6 teachers will follow in a year’s time.

Prior to this year, we haven’t implemented new curriculum in more than one subject at a time. Many teachers have expressed feeling overwhelmed and somewhat intimidated. Understandable. Entirely understandable.

If you will be teaching Kindergarten-Grade 3 ELAL next year, join me tomorrow for a free session where we will unpack the new curriculum. My goal is to empower teachers to uncover ways their practice can remain the same, and decide how (and why) some areas might need to be tweaked.

If you want a jump start into understanding the new ELAL curriculum, sign up for tomorrow’s session. Expect practicality grounded in pedagogy.

(Grade 4-6 teachers are most welcome too!)

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