“YOU are important to me.”

Religion. Race. Both have surfaced many times this week. The news headlines in the U.S. The shooting in Quebec last Sunday. An activity to help our students understand the experiences of the indigenous peoples of Canada. And last night a play at the Citadel, Disgraced: a dinner party soured by talk of religion and race.

Our identities are complicated: affected by our upbringing, our values and our experiences. No two individuals exactly the same. And never entirely predictable, either.

When I look at the students in our classrooms, I see individuals. I don’t give much thought to what someone looks like, his or her cultural background, or the prayers he or she says. Despite our religion or race, we all crave one thing: to be valued.

This video exemplifies this need and demonstrates the influence we hold as teachers. (Not to mention the power of words…)


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