With a heavy heart …

My heart is heavy. After watching the news yesterday, I went in search of a book to read. My plan was to have a bath and escape the reality of world events for a time. I pulled a favourite author off the shelf, Rex Stout: one of his books that I’ve read many times over. I was comforted by the familiarity of the characters, their banter, and the old brownstone in which they live and work.

I often speak to the power of words and yesterday I proved to myself their power in my own life: I sought to read and write, both, for comfort.

This week is Read In Week in Edmonton: a week long event designed to celebrate reading and bring awareness to the importance of literacy. A variety of community members – parents, grandparents, media personalities, politicians, artists and athletes – are invited to read in classrooms throughout the city.

As teachers, we rarely need an excuse to read a good book. We know they have the power to transform lives: to entertain, inform, uplift and inspire. Books make us laugh and cry. They provoke thought, spark conversation and spur ideas. And yesterday, I was reminded of the escape they can provide on difficult days.

Today, as a guest reader at my former school, I look forward to reading A Perfect Day by Lane Smith and Peddles by Elizabeth Rose Stanton to several classes of Kindergarten, grades 1 and 2. I’ve chosen The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for the grades 3 to 6 classes – always a fun choice in celebration of books!

In these days of confusion and despair, let us be distracted by a good book. Let us find love in the world and hope in each other.


3 thoughts on With a heavy heart …

  1. Yes. Books have always been a wonderful refuge for me. Thanks for the encouragement to try to focus on the positive.

  2. These are truly difficult times. I love how you turned to a book. And I love these words from your post: “Let us find love in the world and hope in each other.” Thank you.

  3. Books can help give us the knowledge that man is capable of both great good and great evil; books can lead us to this truth.
    Just as importantly, books can be where we go when evil has knocked the wind out of us and we need to catch our breaths.
    Sounds like you did the latter.

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