What do you want students to leave with?

Last week I asked what you carry into the classroom. This week, consider what you want your students to leave with at the end of the year. If you’re willing to freewrite again, you just might be surprised at some of your answers.

Regardless though, be sure your answers guide your interactions with students as early as the first few days and also ground you throughout the year.

A few thoughts:

  • A love of books and reading. What can we do to make this happen… for each and every student?
  • A willingness to take risks. How can we establish a growth mindset from day one?
  • Empathy and compassion for others. How might we give our students experiences unlike their own? How can we inspire kindness inside the classroom and out?
  • Confidence. What is needed from us to inspire confidence? How can we ensure each student is successful (understanding that ‘success’ will look different for each of them)?

We strive towards curricular goals of course. These goals, however, seem just as important to me.

What do you want your students to leave with?

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