An Emotional Journey

“Reading is both a cognitive and an emotional journey.” Donalyn Miller

As much as we support our students on their cognitive journeys of reading–the teaching of skills and strategies–we must also remember to support our students’ emotional journeys with books and reading, too.

For some students, this is a relatively easy task. They come to us loving books, comfortable and confident with their skills, and they enjoy reading. Supporting the emotional journeys for those students whose feelings towards books and reading are indifference, frustration, or defeat is especially important.

What can we do to help these students find books that they enjoy… to motivate them to read… to change the attitudes they currently have?

A few ideas:

  • ask students to complete an interest inventory to help you understand their preferences in topics and genre
  • support students when selecting books, providing recommendations based on their interests
  • generate book buzz through book talks or book commercials
  • choose engaging read-alouds
  • celebrate success by sending positive notes home

What are your plans to support your students on their emotional journeys with books and reading this year? Do share!

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