“We cleaned up the world!”

Whew… we did it. We survived the first week! Our school was filled with children once again, the very reason we go to work each day. And what is it that children bring into school? Pure joy.

I was privy to delightful exclamations of joy this week. Everything from the little boy who exclaimed, “Guess what? I got a new water bottle!” to the little girls who entered the office, black garbage bag in hand, thrusting it into the air announcing, “We cleaned up the world!”

We depend on those children who walk through our doors each day. Without them, we could not do what we do. Fortunately, the challenges they bring are balanced by their exuberance and genuine love of life. If only I could be as exuberant about a new water bottle or picking up garbage! Children are wonderful reminders to find joy in the little things…

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