Finding Joy in the Butterflies

The new school year officially begins on Tuesday morning. There are likely a few butterflies floating around. Perhaps some difficulty falling asleep too. And not just for the students. As a teacher, I remember making extensive lists to ensure I talked about everything I intended to on the first day. I remember scanning my class list to ensure I made immediate connections with those students most in need of connections. I remember mentally rehearsing my morning welcome to ensure I set the right tone. All this in excited, nervous anticipation of the year ahead.

And our students? How are they feeling on the eve of a new school year? They are likely a little apprehensive about who their teacher might be, excited to see their friends again and yet dreading the early morning alarm.

The mix of emotion – for all involved – is an expected part of the new school year. And one way or another, the anticipation, anxiety and nervousness will get lost in the hecticness of day one. Let the wave of enthusiasm carry you into the new year. In Lord Byron’s words: “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.”

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