Unexpected Gifts

My emotions have been heightened as of late. From what I hear, I’m not alone. During these days of COVID-19, we hear stories of incredible kindness and incredible sorrow. These dichotomies co-exist in our world. Always, of course, but they seem even more apparent now.

Last night, a concert aired entitled One World: Together at Home. Lady Gaga virtually united celebrities from across the world to show support for the frontline workers and the World Health Organization during this pandemic. It served as a poignant reminder that we’re all in this together highlighting both the heartbreak and the humanity around the world.

Selflessness and bravery are revealed in times of need. Faith and hope in times of exhaustion and despair. Innovation in times of desperation. Compassion in response to suffering. Deepened connections in times of isolation and unexpected gifts in times of trials.

Amid the challenges you’ve faced, what gifts have you discovered over the last few months? Please share!

3 thoughts on Unexpected Gifts

  1. For two complete luddites like my husband and myself, it was a moment when we were talked through the maze of technology and able to face time my daughter and her husband. First Time. Sweet.

  2. The song that closed that show, The Prayer, is one of my all time favourites, and brings me to tears every time I hear it. Although I have always considered myself a lifelong learner, the challenge of trying to implement lessons online at 64 years of age, ALMOST did me in. I cried, laughed, beat myself up for being so ignorant of technology, but received so much support from my colleagues that somehow I muddled through.

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