The Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe we’ve hit the home stretch. Non-teachers often say, “You must be winding down.” Teachers (and all those who live with a teacher) know, we are not winding down: we are gearing up! June will arrive in a few short days and each day will be busier than the next as we cross one-thing-after-another off the to-do list.

Amid the hectic nature of these days, this last month of the school year is a wonderful opportunity to guide students through a process of reflection and celebration of their learning. Students are often surprised to look back through their year’s work to see the progress they have made. It is rewarding to hear them say, “I’m really proud of this project!” or “I remember doing this!”

We have hit the home stretch. And as much as we look forward to the sunny summer days ahead, we should be sure to make each of these last days meaningful for our students. To teach them, guide them and inspire them to be their best selves.

Imagine meeting your students ten or fifteen or even twenty years from now. What do you want them to remember about this year? How do you want them to feel about being in your class? Most important, what will you do to make that happen?

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