Only in an elementary school …

On Friday I stood near the front entrance of the school greeting a few straggling students coming in after the bell. As one student came into the building, I noticed something in her arms. As I was thinking, “that looks like a chicken … it looks like a real chicken …” it moved and I realized that it was a real chicken. I went up to the student and asked, “Do your parents know you brought a chicken to school?” She said “yes” with some hesitation. When I asked why she brought a chicken to school, she replied, “I accidentally put it in my backpack.” Hmmph. I hate it when that happens.

As she went down the hall towards her classroom – cradling the chicken in her arms – her mom came rushing into the school. “Did you see what my daughter brought to school? A chicken. She brought a chicken to school.” Attempting to stifle my laughter I replied, “She said you knew about the chicken.” “Ten steps away from the school I knew! She had it zipped up in her backpack! I can’t believe she brought a chicken to school.”

To the teacher’s relief, the chicken didn’t stay at school; it did visit for a few short minutes. Apparently they have three chickens at home. Yes, we do live in the city. And yes, I know it sounds like I’ve made this up, but it’s true. I have witnesses to prove it.

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  1. Funny! The other students now have an interesting story to tell when asked, “What happened at school today?”

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