The countdown is on…

It is hard to believe we have reached year end. And yet, here we are beginning our final week. I always laugh when those outside of education say, “Oh things must be winding down.” It is obvious they have never worked within a school. As we all know, things wind up in June, not down. They only wind down when the last student has left the building for summer.

And although most students look forward to summer vacation, there are also those who dread it. Those who worry about not getting enough food to eat, those who do not want to spend more time with their families, and those who will miss the security of the school day.

I spent considerable time with a few of those students last week. I suspect this week will be the same. And although most of us look forward to the break and all that comes with it, I pray that these students find peace and security. I can help provide food, I can provide emergency numbers and I can reassure them as best I can. And yet, I still have to see them off for the summer and hope that their days are not as bad as they dread.

Let’s make these last five days enjoyable ones for all!


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