Synergy at its best!

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to showcase our school to 120 guests: teachers and administrators from across the province. And though we are always busy in preparation for this event, the day serves as an excellent reminder of all that is good in our school. We give children the opportunity to speak, greet, showcase their learning and showoff our school.

And every year as the guests leave and the cleanup begins, I reflect on what it is that makes our school great. Without question, it is the people. We have a school full of adults who see the best in kids, who slip in anonymous donations to families in need, who sacrifice their own time for the good of the students. And our kids? We have kids who are innovative, creative and compassionate, kids who want to make a difference in the world, kids who see beyond themselves.

Every school has issues to deal with. Our school is no different. There will always be children who need us more than most: academically and emotionally. But when you have a strong team, nothing is insurmountable.

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