Summer Literacy

I am often asked what parents can do to support their children with literacy during the summer months. The most important consideration is to ensure it does not feel like homework! (Teachers, feel free to share these ideas with the parents of your students.)

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Embed reading into your daily routine: 15-30 minutes each day when everyone in the family is reading. It doesn’t matter what: novels, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, comics, cookbooks… anything!
  • Read aloud to your children as well. Bedtime is the perfect time for this routine.
  • Play board games together. Your children will be talking and listening, and reading too, depending on what game you are playing!
  • Subscribe to a magazine (in your children’s names of course) so that they have something to look forward to each month. Check out National Geographic Kids or Owl Kids for magazines appropriate for the ages of your children.
  • Going on a road trip? Buy a new book or magazine for each member of the family. Surprise your children by placing the books in their spots in the car!
  • Listen to an audio book together as a family. Discuss what is happening in the book, make connections, and predictions, too.
  • Read for real purposes: game instructions, recipes, road signs, scavenger hunts…
  • Write for real purposes: grocery lists, a packing list, postcards, letters/emails to friends, journal entries…
  • Visit the library to ensure there is an ever-changing selection of reading material available.

Just remember… “Reading is a passport to countless adventures!” Mary Pope Osbourne

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