A Summer Challenge

The school year is always incredibly busy. So… this summer I challenge you to read books that your students would read: whatever their age. Sift through those books on your classroom shelves, visit the library or bookstore, and make a point of reading a handful of books that your students would read.

Consider (at least) one from each category:

  • picture book
  • chapter book or novel
  • graphic novel
  • non-fiction
  • biography

Simply read and enjoy. Or, even better, consider which would make effective read-alouds and/or mentor texts. What could these books be used to teach within your classroom?

  • Did the author use effective dialogue?
  • Were you hooked by the story beginning… if so, why?
  • Did you notice interesting word choice, a creative use of sentence types, compelling rhythm or repetition?
  • Was the organization effective?
  • How did the pictures and words work together to create an effect?

Okay… get to it! What’s on your reading list?

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