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Over the last few weeks, I have heard many health care professionals–doctors, nurses, paramedics, personal care workers, and others–share their frustration and exasperation with the current COVID situation. Rightly so. In the midst of this fourth wave, they are feeling demoralized and disheartened as they are stretched beyond their limits. All in a preventable situation.

We cannot ease their burdens, but we can let them know they are appreciated. This week, I’m going to write messages of thanks and send them to a handful of health care workers for all they do, day in and day out.

Will you join me? Will your students?

Perhaps the students in your class (or even better, your whole school) will write letters, draw pictures, or create cards of thanks.

Imagine the recipients, reading the messages and pausing for a moment to smile. Imagine the feelings of hope when they see recognition of their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Imagine the moment they notice the sincerity and care with which your students wrote their messages.

We can’t change their realities, but perhaps we can provide a much needed lift. I’d love to drown out the negative voices with our positive ones.

But I can’t do it alone…

If you are willing to participate, add your grade level, the number of students in your class, and perhaps where you plan to send your letters or cards. Let’s spread some love and appreciation! Are you in?

4 thoughts on Spread Some Love

  1. Yes! Count us in!!

    Grade 5 class with 29 students. We will deliver to Royal Alex Emergency, Stollery, Fort Saskatchewan Hospital. What a great way to spread kindness and warm hearts.

    Thank you.

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