Mr. Parrotta and Mr. Jensen

Inspired by the election, there was a recent radio call-in show discussing the experiences people had running for office. At any level. Made me think back to high school and an interaction that forever changed me.

One of my teachers, Mr. Parrotta, approached me about running for Senior Class President. He explained that my leadership qualities and organizational skills would make me a great fit for this position. I was surprised. More than surprised actually. I had never considered running for any position, let alone president. Besides, I didn’t consider myself a leader.

I decided to run and eventually I became Senior Class President. But it wasn’t that experience that changed me. It was Mr. Parrotta’s words. He helped me recognize certain qualities in myself and he instilled a confidence that I hadn’t felt before.

As teachers, we spend considerable time with our students. Our words, our interactions, and our belief in our students, might have more of an impact than we ever realize.

Mr. Jensen had the same effect on Clint as Mr. Parrotta had on me. Watch this:

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