Many Thanks

The other day I watched a TedTalk by David Steindl-Rast about gratitude: how living with gratitude leads to greater happiness. It got me thinking about this whole business of ‘home.’

I was once of the mindset that my house should be bigger, newer and fancier than it currently is. Upon reflection though, I wonder why I ever thought this. It is not because I don’t like my home. I do. It is certainly not because I need a bigger home. What would I do with more space, after all? So why then? Our society conditions us that bigger, newer and fancier is also better. As if that bigger, newer, fancier house will lead to greater happiness.

And yet (despite the size of my home), on this Thanksgiving weekend, I find it effortless to create a list of things I am thankful for… 

I am thankful for staff members who go above and beyond for our students. I am thankful for our dedicated parent volunteers. I am thankful for the innocence and honesty of children. I am thankful for the sunshine. I am thankful for the tree across the street with vibrant orange leaves.  I am thankful for the opportunity to write. I am thankful for the time with my family, especially the wee ones and those getting on in years. And yes, I am thankful for my home and those within it.

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