Living My Dream

A few years ago, I left behind the security of my teaching career. I decided to leap not quite knowing where or how I would land. As you might imagine, it was both exciting and terrifying.

Last week, the talking point on CBC radio was ‘your dream job: if you could do anything what would you do?’ In that moment, I realized that I’m living it. I am doing what I love.

Fortunately, I am busier than I could have anticipated and I now have the pleasure of working with educators across the country. This year, I published a third Pembroke title, a book I’m very proud of. I also started working with an amazing team at Pearson. After working with them on various projects, I proposed something ‘new’ based on research and the content of newly released curriculum. My goal was to empower teachers to teach morphology but also get relevant materials into the hands of students.

As of this week, Kit A—the first of Bug Club Morphology—has gone to print! We continue to work on Kits B, C, and D. Curious to see it? Click here!

In the meantime, I will continue to live my dream…

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