I’ve been surrounded by creativity and artistry the last few days… On Wednesday night we saw Broadway Across Canada’s Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations. On Thursday, I was at the world premiere of Episode 1, Season 17 of Heartland, the longest running Canadian drama, on which my brother is the editor. On Friday night, I attended the premiere of How We Ended Us, a film on which my brother was the editor and my sister-in-law the costume designer.

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m surrounded by creative people and works of art–in whatever form–I am inspired to create. What about our students? Do we provide them with the opportunity to read powerful literature, view innovative works of visual art, and listen to various forms of music? How might we be more intentional in surrounding students with such artistry?

Not only does a work of art inspire, it also provides a model. Regie Routman has said, “…riveting literature influences the quality of writing that students of all ages do, especially when we teach them to notice and apply what effective authors do.” Of course, this premise applies to other endeavours too, not just writing.

How do you inspire your students and provide models within your classroom?

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