Leadership For All

Last week I heard a group of assistant principals referred to as ‘future leaders’. I fundamentally disagree with this statement. Not only to I find it somewhat offensive, I think it is the wrong mindset with which to approach life.

What about the grade six student who turned to another student and said, “Ryan, we haven’t heard from you. What do you think?” Is she not a leader?

And what about the kindergarten boy who saw another student still looking for a spot to sit and said, “There’s one more chair over here. Come here.”

What about the teacher who sees a new student reluctant to fit in and works her magic to ensure this student is included?

At our school we believe in Leadership For All. This is not a statement for advertising purposes, this is not a pipe dream, it is what we strive for every day. Leadership is not a title or a position, it is an attitude. We are not raising future leaders: we are raising leaders for today.

One thought on Leadership For All

  1. Now you are TALKING girl! Way to go! I am so on your team about this blog. It is a funny mindset about APs in this district. It is simply not something I agree with.

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