On any given day, students enter my office inspired: bubbling over with excitement, even. They notice a need in our world and by proposing a popcorn sale or a bake sale, by making bracelets or creating art, they take the beginning steps on their journey to make a difference.

Evidently we have many projects on the go in our school. We do not streamline our efforts to one cause driven by adults but rather let students take the lead through projects of their choosing. So though we might not raise $10,000 for one cause, our students raise smaller amounts or reach out in other ways for causes important to them.

When I think about people in history who have made a difference in the world РAbraham Lincoln, Terry Fox, Rosa Parks Рthey were empowered to vie for change or help others.  They saw how their voice or actions, often despite the odds, could make a difference. When I think about the students in our school, I see a similar sense of empowerment as they use their voices, their energy and their talents to help others. Just imagine the impact these students may have in the upcoming years. They are not hardened by pessimism; they are open to possibilities.

I look forward to the next excited proposal that walks through my door… perhaps as soon as tomorrow. I look forward to being inspired by our students once again.


2 thoughts on Inspired.

  1. Empowering students in one the most inspiring moments for me as a teacher. It always reminds me of quality of the project or learning is more important then the quantity sometimes. Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like the students and staff in your school create a powerful learning and living environment. Lucky teachers and students!

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