How lucky we are…

Several members of our family have spent considerable time in the hospital as of late. And though things have been difficult, through all of this, I have been reminded how lucky we are to be living in Canada. Imagine if every procedure, every medication and every hospital stay was to be paid from our own pockets. Our cumulative savings would not come close to covering the growing cost.

I can only imagine the added strain for individuals living in countries where procedures are not available. Or, perhaps just as difficult, where the procedures are available but where families are responsible for footing the bill. During a time of illness, the added financial burden could only stifle the healing process.

So although we face trials and challenges, we are fortunate that our health care system supports the care of our loved ones and that our focus can remain on what is most important: family and healing!

2 thoughts on How lucky we are…

  1. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. I hope these two days will fill all of you with peace and healing. You are their angel.

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