I’m no Masterchef

I’m willing to admit: I am not a cook. I’m not good at it. I don’t enjoy it. I do it only by necessity. And yet, for some reason, one even I can’t fathom, I watch cooking shows. Not only do I watch them, I enjoy them.

There are a few I tune into now and then; my favourite though is Masterchef Junior. I watch in astonishment as kids as young as 8 use ingredients whose names I cannot pronounce. They blanche, sauté, sear and braise. They create art on a plate.

And the best part with the kids: they cheer each other on. Much more than on the adult version of the show, these kids hug, laugh, cry and support each other. They literally jump for joy. While watching the other day, I said out loud, “Kids are awesome.”

With spring break behind us, I look forward to returning to work tomorrow. I look forward to supervision before the day begins when I can reconnect with my students. I know what will be on my mind: “Kids are awesome.”

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