I love this time of year!

Along with the melting snow and the return of the geese, National Poetry Month has arrived! Have you pulled your poetry books off the shelf, brought them to the top of the pile, or visited the library for some new finds?

Although poetry is fun to read with students all year long, this is the time to read and enjoy poems each and every day! Invite students to share thoughts and feelings evoked by the poems you read. Explore the figurative language and alliteration, the rhythm and phrasing, the dive into sensory language.

This week, let your students read and explore the poetry in your classroom and then ask them to choose a favourite. Give them time to read the poem repeatedly to become more fluent and expressive. (There is no need for memorization.) Students can then share this favourite poem with their reading buddies, their family members, or another class.

Stay tuned for poetry ideas all month long…

By the way, which poetry book is your favourite for the classroom?

2 thoughts on I love this time of year!

  1. YES! Thank you for this post and for future poetry ideas. I will look forward to them each week 🙂
    Poetry month is so fun in all grades.
    I love all of Shel Silverstein poems and a new favourite that I learned from you, Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson.

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