“I hate reading!”

Last week, a little one announced, “I hate reading.” I wasn’t about to pass up that challenge!

We sat together in my office, surrounded by my book collection. I pulled Press Here from the shelf. As I read to her, the interactive nature of the book worked its magic. “Press here and turn the page.” After turning that very first page, she looked up at me with curiosity, her sour face quickly vanishing. “Great! Now press the yellow dot again.” The quizzical looks continued page after page. Sure enough, a few pages later, “I like this book!”

I doubt she reversed her opinion about reading in that one short exchange, but it’s a start. I will continue to share my favourites with her in an attempt to nurture a positive relationship with books. Little did she know: she made her declaration to the wrong person!

If you don’t know this book, be sure to check out the book trailer… Press Here. I would bet there is a little one in your life who will enjoy this read, reluctant reader or not!


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