Enveloped in Words

I love words. I really do. And right now I have the luxury of spending my days enveloped in words: writing, reading and writing some more. Much of it, outside on my deck.

I’ve been reflecting on my process too. A few things I’ve noticed?

  1. Reading fuels writing. I continuously move back and forth between the two.
  2. I’m working even when I don’t look like I’m working. Those midday walks with my dog are deceiving.
  3. I thrive with multiple projects on the go. Near the end of the day with non-fiction, I turn my attention to fiction for a surge of creative energy.
  4. Praise can be motivating. That email from an editor last week inspired me to keep plugging away…
  5. And when I’m really hard at it, I seem to nibble while I work. Go figure!

Of course, I realize that the creative process varies from person to person. But, I wouldn’t be a teacher without considering how these thoughts on process might be applied to the classroom… I’m sure you’re doing the same!

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