On Friday I had the opportunity to attend my first staff meeting as part of my new department for next year. Yes, it was a long time to sit and listen for someone who has been in control of her own schedule for a year. But…

I was energized. Energized by the people in the room who seem to value professional learning as much as I do. Energized by the willingness and openness to understand that we are all on an ongoing journey of learning. Energized by the ideas that were bouncing around in my brain: ideas that were already there and some new, all given permission to take life. Energized by the possibilities that lie ahead.

So although I didn’t get my daily steps in to feed my body, I was surrounded with ideas to feed my mind.

6 thoughts on Energized

  1. What a positive post – energizing in itself! Being surrounded by ideas to feed your mind … what a gift, and what presence of mind to realize it. Uplifting words

  2. New energy created by minds that are on the same page. It makes one want to go to work. Sounds like a great start!

  3. Thank goodness the world is filled with people willing to devote their lives to schools: society depends on people who view their work with students in this positive and exciting way. Keep up the good work.

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