Crank up the music.

I’m a little behind on This Is Us. Just now nearing the end of season one. Watched the ‘Memphis’ episode last night. I’ve been thinking about William’s words to Randall: “Roll all the windows down. Crank up the music.”

At this busy time of year when teachers are tired from report cards, and the hecticness of the holidays awaits us, his words hit home. Yes, responsibility calls. There are things we must do whether we want to or not. But I am trying to remember not to live “a life of almosts and could haves.”

Amidst my responsibilities and must-do’s, I’m going to take the time to roll down those windows and crank up the music. Today and every day.

4 thoughts on Crank up the music.

  1. All of life’s craziness seems to hit between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, doesn’t it? This is a good lesson to remember.

  2. I find that This Is Us always gives great advice! My favorite show! The advice is so real, so relevant and always hits home. Thanks to William for giving the advice and thanks to you for reminding me of this once again…especially at this needed time.

  3. It’s always a good reminder to have- we often get so caught up in the things that stress us out and become hectic when we should stop to realize that each day is a gift, and to live it out each day that we’re given.

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