Consultant Fail

Last Thursday I ended my day with these words in mind: consultant fail. That’s what it felt like at least!

I taught a lesson on Teams to a grade three class who were half in person and half at home. I had never met these students before but soon into the lesson I realized that I needed to pivot. If I had been in person, I know exactly what I would have done. Instead, I felt myself fumbling to decide how to adjust in the online environment (especially since some were in class and some were at home). I made the adjustments I could, but I know the lesson was not particularly effective.

Then, that same afternoon, I had an online PD session with a group of teachers. About half way through the session, I got kicked out of Teams and my computer would not reconnect. Thankfully, I had another computer next to me and was able to communicate through the chat. But, for whatever reason, I could not share my slides on that computer. So, after a restart of the first computer, I was able to reopen google slides, find my place, and continue. Not quite the smooth session I had hoped for.

Participants were understanding and especially kind, feeling my pain with the tech issues, I’m sure.

Many times over the last twelve months I’ve heard teachers say, “This isn’t what I signed up for!” The differences in approach, the daily decisions, and the dependence on technology, are exhausting. I get it.

Although I felt like I had failed that day, I know I did the best I could in the circumstances. Consultant fail? No. Just some hiccups along the way…

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