I look forward to watching This Is Us each week. I watch as a writer and marvel at the craft: the layering, the brilliant use of an episodic theme, the ability to connect us to those on the screen (those we have journeyed with over the years, and also those we only encounter briefly). I watch as a daughter, sister, spouse, stepmom, nonna, sister-in-law, aunt, and friend and I’m humbled by both the fragility and magnificence of our relationships. I watch as a human ‘being’ and I’m reminded how to ‘be’ in this crazy, complicated world we live in.

Yesterday I watched Season 5 Episode 8: In the Room. Through clever storytelling, we learn about the man responsible for keeping us connected today. Nasir Ahmed, in the early 70s, led a team of researchers who developed the technology that allows us to share images and video with each other.

Teachers’ Convention certainly was not the same as it has been in the past. But thanks to Nasir Ahmed, we were able to participate and connect and continue to learn. Thanks to Nasir Ahmed, we continue to teach our students even when it may not be safe to be with them in person. Thanks to Nasir Ahmed, we stay connected with loved ones during this pandemic.

I wonder if any of Nasir Ahmed’s teachers had any inkling of his future impact on our world. Imagine the potential of the students before you each day…

2 thoughts on Connection

  1. I just LOVED that episode. I too was impressed with Nasir. I hate being separated from everyone, but I sure am thankful for the connections we have with technology. It is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this. You are my idol!!

    1. You’re too kind!
      This year is making me even more appreciative of relationships. For now, online will have to do. But, I am also hopeful that we will be able to gather again (relatively) soon!

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