A sign of things to come…

The morning air is cool and crisp… my school dreams have returned… the back-to-school commercials started weeks ago… the school supplies have been on the store shelves for at least as long. And as much as I try to divert my eyes and ignore the implications, I know our precious summer time is flitting away.

The week ahead is a busy one: parent meetings, finalizing class lists, welcoming new registrations, moving classrooms to accommodate more students, preparing for opening staff meetings. The week following is even busier as the students walk through the doors once again.

Although I enjoy our summer break, there is always a part of me ready to go back: to do what I love to do, to see the people that inspire me to do my job (both colleagues and kids), to welcome the hugs as the students run across the field into my arms. My arms will be wide and welcoming: I look forward to the year ahead!


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