We are who we are.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about discrimination. We watched the movie Selma and so the idea of racism was foremost on my mind. I also attended a meeting to provide feedback on a policy protecting the LGBTQ community.

I have never understood discrimination. Few things make me as angry as to see someone persecuted for who they are. I simply don’t get it. What makes someone’s skin colour, gender identity or sexual orientation better or worse than my own? We are who we are. We cannot choose our race anymore than we can choose our parents or the location of our birth.

It takes courage to stand up for those who are persecuted. I marvel at the bravery of Martin Luther King Jr and all those who persevered (non-violently) for change during the civil rights movement.

I am also comforted by the notion that the younger generation seems less phased by differences. Our classrooms are a wonderful mosaic¬†of culture, race, sexual orientation and gender identities. We can learn a little from our students… they are certainly more accepting than many adults.

Let’s take heed of Piglet’s words, “The things that make me different are the things that make me.”

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