Despite facing the end of summer, I have always enjoyed this time of year. Purchasing new school clothes, cracking open a new book, organizing school supplies, planning for the year ahead: the back-to-school buzz.

But as our district administrators joined together on August 22 at our opening meeting, it dawned on me… what I really enjoy is the sense of community the school year brings. As we come together as a staff, both old and new, and as we gather with our students on the morning of September 4, our family is reunited and our sense of purpose confirmed.

Together we will touch the lives of our students…┬átogether our enthusiasm and passion will generate momentum…┬átogether we will journey through the highs and lows of the upcoming school year… together we will teach more than the curriculum…

In Theodore Roosevelt’s words, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Together, we can move mountains!

One thought on Together.

  1. Yes I agree! The 2 weeks before school are my favourite because I am rested and able to implement things I highlighted in June that need changing. It’s nice to catch up with everyone too! Have a great week!

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