Time to catch one’s breath

Does the school year ever feel like a marathon? Exhilarating, rewarding, invigorating and yes, sometimes a little daunting?

When the race begins in September, we have stretched, trained and adequately rested. We are full of energy and ready to take on the year. We pace ourselves, monitor and adjust our speed with the ups and downs of what lies ahead: the steep climb of report cards and the downhill momentum that follows. Sometimes we coast, enjoying the scenery along the way. Sometimes all we can do is yearn for a swig of water at the next rest stop. There are also moments when we question if we will even make it to the finish line intact. And yet, somehow we do.

Rest assured, we are on the final leg of our journey with the finish line in sight. Feelings of accomplishment, anticipated rest and an opportunity to catch one’s breath are within reach.

As we move into the summer months, think about the impact you have had on your students throughout this journey. What are you proud of? Whose life did you make a difference in this year? Who is better off for having known you?

After you’ve given those questions some thought, consider this:¬†What are you most looking forward to this summer?

My own thoughts turn to a long morning stroll, curling up with a good book, a mid-afternoon nap… time with family without the pressures of school weighing on the mind… time to recover, refresh and rejuvenate… time to do all those things neglected during the marathon itself… time to simply sit in the warmth of the sun.

Frank Lebow describes a marathon in this way: “The marathon is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism.” Come now, does that not describe a school year?

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