Thought Bubbles

Last week I watched our grade ones perform a short musical for their parents. There’s really nothing more endearing than a performance by kids of this age. We’ve all seen it … There are those who don’t hesitate to fill in for someone who may have forgotten his line. There are those that mouth the words with no sound attached. There are those who turn their backs to the audience and continue to perform. There are also those who ham it up and delight in the laughter of the audience.

As I was watching, I wished there were thought bubbles above their heads. Wouldn’t it be amusing to know what they are thinking as they perform? Not that I think visible thought bubbles would be appropriate in every situation. In fact, in most circumstances – with our family and coworkers, or heaven forbid, for politicians – it would be both dangerous and disastrous. There’s a reason we don’t voice all of our thoughts. But the honesty and innocence of kids would be entertaining, especially in this situation!

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